Heard of “Ducks Unlimited”?

Perhaps you have seen the popular “duck sticker” in the back corner of peoples rear window. These stickers became popular in the 80s when Ducks Unlimited took off.

If you haven’t heard of “Ducks Unlimited,” you ought to check it out.

Already immensely popular in the South, the organization does a wide array of things to garner support for conservation of waterfowl. Some of the things they do include but are not limited to: restoring grasslands, replanting forests, acquiring land, and restoring watersheds.

In fact, Ducks Unlimited has been around for quite a while. It started back in 1937 with a group of guys who simply wanted to make sure that future generations wouldn’t have to sit idly as the duck population dwindled down. It started off slow, but grew quickly. When the ‘80s hit, seldom did you go a day driving in the South without seeing at least one car with the duck emblem on the back window. Soon after their merchandise took off also, generating more revenue to use on the mission Ducks Unlimited: to conserve waterfowl.

But how does Ducks Unlimited impact Leesville?

Cole Chance, a LRHS junior, contacted Ducks Unlimited about starting a chapter of their “Varsity Banquet” program at Leesville. Essentially, this would serve as a club open to whoever wishes to join.

The club would be geared towards gathering ideas about ways in which waterfowl in our area can be preserved and acting on these ideas in our community. The club would provide a time of fellowship for attendees and a banquet would be held by Ducks Unlimited at the end of the year for all chapters of the club, as a time for social interaction and fun. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love ducks?

To form a club at Leesville, the person in question must go through an application process that involves a list of “those in favor” signatures. Chance said that the word has already gotten out about the new club, and he was easily able to obtain the 20 signatures required.

“I’m thrilled about the opportunity for a Ducks Unlimited chapter at LRHS. I think this is a good thing for the school’s image and it gives us an opportunity to conserve waterfowl in our own community. Additionally, the fellowship at our meetings will be great,” said Chance.

The club is not official yet, but the process is well on its way. If you have any questions about the club or want to join once it is official, you can contact Cole Chance at colechance26@gmail.com.


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