Leesville Volleyball loses to Millbrook, 3-2

Rebecca Rice prepares to serve. Leesville lost 3-2 against Millbrook Tuesday night.

The Leesville varsity volleyball team lost, 3-2,  to Millbrook Tuesday night, in a long, hard fought match.

From the moment Meghan Gasper, junior, stepped back from the line, raised her arm and made the first serve of the night, the Leesville women showed they’ll be tough opponents.

A slight problem in the rotation caused a delay in the first game, but it didn’t slow the players down. Leesville won the first game 25-19.  Rebecca Rice, senior, made several good hits and plays that earned Leesville points.

Leesville played well, but not well enough.The second game was close, leaving Millbrook with a score of 25, and Leesville with a score of 22.

The third game was much more intense. There were many long rallies. The two teams were tied for much of the game. Eventually, Millbrook also won this game 26-24.

During the fourth game, Leesville played much better, pulling out a win. However, in the fifth game, Leesville lost again 11-15, resulting in an overall win for Millbrook.

The team won’t be discouraged though. “My number one hope is that we can get into the state playoffs…and we would like to be the top three in our conference,” said  Erin Hensler, first year volleyball coach.

“I think we’re gonna be pretty good” said Anna Weeks, a team captain.


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