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Business basics in Apparel class

Apparel class has been selling headbands, frockets and monogrammed frockets during all three lunches starting on Monday, May 5, 2014 and will continue to sell their products until Friday, May 23, 2014 or while supplies last. Headbands are selling for $3.00 each, frockets are selling for $5.00 each and monogrammed frockets are selling for $10.00 each.

They are selling items in order to raise money for next year’s field trip. The location of the  field trip will depend on the subject of study in the class next year.

“Last year, their team, they went around and they sold infinity scarves to make money for the field trip we went on, so we’re making the money for next year,” said Alex Jordan.

This past year they went to Spoonflower, an eco-friendly fabric printing company located in Durham, NC.

The apparel classes are using a business system to create their products. There are several groups that are part of the business. These include fabric cutters, ironers and office managers. In order to monogram, they must use a special monogramming machine. They use sewing machines to sew the pockets onto the shirts (provided by the customer) and to sew the headbands together.

Pictured above is Wynter Crosby, Alex Jordan and Amber Kampfer next to their business selling frockets and headbands to raise money for next year’s apparel field trip. Prices are $10 for a monogrammed frocket, $5 for a frocket and $3 for a headband.


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