The best places to cry on Leesville campus

As I walked into class on May 19, 2014, I saw a letter on my desk from the school. I think, “Finally! I found out whether I will be an executive officer for the Leesville Liaisons!” I open up the letter, only to find “we regret to inform you…” While I wasn’t too upset about it, as a rising senior preparing for college, I figured this was going to be the first of a series of rejections and that I just need to prepare myself for the worst.

So, I came to the conclusion that the only way to deal with the devastating effects of rejection is to cry. And, if you happen to be in school when your life suddenly gets real, I’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of the best places at Leesville to pour your heart out.


1. Mr. Broer’s classroom

Directly under the shrine of NHS rejections (and my Liaison rejection) is a perfect place to hang your head in shame while you ball your eyes out. Hey, while you’re at it, just slap your rejection right up there with all the other ones!

This room also comes with an awkward teacher who will sit and watch you cry and give really cliche advice. So, if you’re willing to listen to, “It’ll be okay” and “There’s more to life,” than this is the perfect spot for you.


2. The graphic novel section of the library

While it is positioned right at the entrance of the library, it’s probably the only place that allows privacy and a corner to sit in. Typically, the kids who sit in this section like to be alone while they read. I’m one of those kids, so I know this from personal experience.

The best time to go in there would be during lunch or after school. Avoid going in the mornings because it’s crazy busy and filled with students trying to make up for several weeks worth of work in about 10 minutes.


3. The bathroom stalls

It may be kind of difficult for girls to cry in the bathroom because you will never be alone. We all know that females refuse to go to the bathroom without a swarm of at least 25 other females flanking them on both sides, so beware of that.

On the bright side, the sound of body-racking sobs coming from the bathroom stalls will definitely put an end to all those horrid bathroom selfies.


4. Under the bleachers

I think this is where the cheerleaders cry when their boyfriends dump them. So, if it’s good enough for Leesville’s elite, than it’s good enough for the little people. And, if your mood happens to be gloomy while the weather happens to be sunny, once you’re done crying, you can use your reflection in the mirror to fix your make-up.


5. The math trailers and the second floor of the East building

Because it’s math, so tears are a particularly common site.


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