Grease is the word

The students warm-up for vocal rehearsals. Opening night will be on April 10.
The students warm-up for vocal rehearsals. Opening night will be on April 10.
The students warm-up for vocal rehearsals. Opening night of Grease will be on April 10.

Excitement at Leesville is brewing as the theater department prepares for its upcoming stage adaptation of the 70s classic, Grease. The play will premiere at 7:00pm on April 10 through April 12.

Grease is a story about a working-class group of teenagers in the 50s while they struggle through the obstacles of life and love. It follows teenagers Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson at Rydell High School after the end of a brief summer fling.

Sandy Olsson, vacationing in America meets local teen, Danny Zuko and the two instantly connect. At the end of the vacation, Sandy worries she will never see her love again. After her parents decide not to return to their home in Australia, Sandy meets her love again, as a Rydell High student, and the drama ensues.

Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko will be played by Tatiana Shumoski, junior, and Matt Cesari, senior.

“Sandy is new, and she’s a little naive, sweet and innocent; she’s more of the goody type. She doesn’t really fit in,” said Shumoski about her character.

To Cesari, his challenge will be portraying both the cool guy and romantic boyfriend.

“Danny is the head honcho at the school,” said Cesari. “He hangs with the bad boys, the T-Birds, but he’s generally a good guy at heart. He’s torn between being who he is and being cool.”

With the hardworking, talented students at Leesville, everyone is ready to see the final results of the play on opening night.

“I think we have a really great cast. It’s always different to see how it all comes together,” said Cesari.

Shelby Riley, junior, agrees that the play this year will be fun and different. Most people already know the original movie with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

“This musical is going to be something really fantastic to see,” said Riley.

The talent at Leesville will never cease to amaze. From behind the scenes to on the stage, it is bound to be a magical night.


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