Indoor Track gets a running start


On Monday, Nov. 11, the Leesville track team held their first practice for the opening of the Indoor Track season. The practice started with an assembly led by Joe Canada, head coach.

“I basically told the students that I expect them to give me 100 percent effort at every practice, and trust that the coaches will make them better student athletes,” said Canada.

The team as a whole is already talking about what is necessary to qualify for states.

“A lot of folks are trying to make states this year,” said Sean Nicol, a sophomore runner.

Coach Canada took it up onto another level, discussing the expectations he has for the team to not only qualify for states, but do well. He sees great potential in the team this year. Because of this, his practices are demanding workouts, stressing that he wants only the best from his athletes.

“It was hard, but I think Coach Canada knows what he’s doing so it will pay off,” said Allison Fisher, a sophomore. She said she was sore from the first workout on Monday.

“People say it was tough, but I like Canada. I like how he is trying to make the team be successful; he’s a good coach,” said Nicol.

The team has great confidence in their coach and trusts him to get them where they need to go.

“The first day of practice is always a challenge for students. There is a balance of students that stayed in shape because of doing other sports in the fall and those that are not in shape,” said Canada. He hopes by the end of the season to have a well organized, in-shape team that is tough competition at every meet.

“I hope we can win more meets and that me, along with everyone else will be able to improve with our events and be happy with what we accomplished with the season,” said Fisher.

The team is training hard everyday in hopes to make it far this year. With a determined coach and talented runners, the team plans on improving and becoming major competition in this coming Indoor Track season.


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