Key Club, the Key to Happiness (for teachers at least!)


Thursday, Oct. 25, over one hundred kids squeezed into the pit of the cafeteria to participate in the Key Club Meeting. Key Club is the oldest and largest program for high school students. At Leesville, Key Club meets every other Thursday. This week they gathered to fill festive Halloween bags with candy for teachers.

The meeting commenced in a more serious tone than usual, with officers encouraging quieter, more efficient meetings. The members complied, quickly organizing the dozens of bags of candy brought in in exchange for service hours. Key Club has many opportunities for members to donate project supplies and snacks for volunteer hours. In under ten minutes, bags were filled and finished. Though space is tight, the advantages of having hundreds of members are clearly evident when the club can accomplish a service project in under thirty minutes.

Alyssa Wood, President of Key Club, then motivated students to join the Club’s Edmodo group, which frequently posts volunteer opportunities and keeps members updated on general club information.

Whether students simply were in need of hours or were extremely enthusiastic, a plethora of candy lay leftover as students began to leave.

Ms. Cade also spoke at the meeting, promoting the events of next week’s meeting, where members can purchase strips of duct tape and adhere Ms. Cade to the wall. Members were excited for this idea, as is the normal reaction to taping a teacher to the wall.

The last task of the meeting was to pass out UNICEF trick-or-treat boxes to all of the members. A ten-dollar minimum is required to serve in place of volunteer hours. The next meeting will take place on Nov. 14.  It will be sure to prove again the spirit of Key Club.


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