Leesville’s special ed teachers


Christine Killela, Sanford Pittenger and Johnnie White join the Leesville staff as new teachers in the Special Programs department this year. They are all looking forward to a great year for the upcoming school year filled meeting new people and helping out the students they work with.

Upon meeting the Special Education department, it is evident why all of the new teachers were hired, as they share a passion for teaching and helping others. Pittenger said via email, “It’s all about giving back to someone who needs it.”

Killela also loves helping her students: “I focus on improving literacy with my students in order to assist them as adults and felt I would be able to make the most difference with this in the Exceptional Children arena.”

Killela is adjusting to the new environment with full support from the Leesville community. “I am very happy with my choice to join the Leesville Family. I have never felt so welcomed or supported by my peers. The students are delightful,” said Killela via email.

For Pittenger, the transition has been easy, as he had three sons matriculate through Leesville. So far, Pittenger is enjoying the warm welcome he is receiving from the Leesville community.

White is also enjoying her time at Leesville: “It’s [the transition to a new school] been fun; different.” She is anticipating a great year along with the other teachers.

White loves to contribute to the success of her students as well and is very motivated when it comes to giving her students the best education possible just like her fellow teachers.

It is clear why Killela, Pittenger and White were all hired as teachers in the Special Ed Department. It is clear that a passion for helping students reach their full potential through their education is present in all of them.


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