Los pequeños españoles


On Oct. 22, Sr. Ross’ Spanish 5 classes reached out to the youngest of Spanish learners when they read self-written Spanish childrens’ books to second and fourth graders at Leesville Road Elementary School.

Several weeks ago, Sr. Ross started a project that would spark creativity and community in  his Spanish 5 students. The task: write and illustrate children’s books – most encouraging moral behaviors – to read aloud to a group of a few elementary kids. They visited three classes, Mrs. Wood, Mr. Simpson, and Mrs. Harper.

Ross, through an email interview, said that his classes have done this for three or four years. The purpose: “real world application of our language skills, specifically those dealing with the past tenses. [I] Also wanted to develop interaction between the three schools and let the elementary school students see what is possible if they continue studying Spanish.”

“It was really fun. I liked it a lot…[the] kids were really excited to see the ‘big kids’,” said Asma Idries, a junior in Ross’ first period Spanish 5 class.

Ross said the younger kids [were] all engaged and really wanted to learn all that they could in a short time.

“It was a fun thing, but we were teaching them [the kids] too,” said Idries.

Hopefully, this project will continue through the years and even encourage other language classes to participate in out-of-school activities. This project introduced even the youngest of minds to foreign language education, but in a creative and enjoyable way for elementary and high school students alike.


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