Club leader in the works of reviving club: Rejuvenating CSA


Expressing faith at public schools has become scarcer as secularization, extracurricular activities, and social media dominate the school hallways.

Still, for students who wish to have a little after-school faith and fellowship, the Christian Student Association is the perfect club to join.

Unaffiliated with a particular religion, the club is open to all students, regardless of faith and belief.

The CSA holds meetings every other Thursday in room 102 with Ms. Canada.  Community service projects, group activities, singing, and devotion are a few of many exciting activities the club offers.

If there are any doubts from those, especially underclassmen, of the liveliness the club offers.  here’s a first hand account from a student who voyaged from “newbie” to club president.

Asked of her most memorable experience, Erin Hutchison, senior, said, “ It’s a tie between me being confronted at the end of freshmen asking to apply for a new position, which was really cool because I wasn’t really expected it and going to the Christmas party we freshman year because it was the first Christmas party I went to with a bunch of people at school who were much older than me.”

Hutchison hopes to use her experience from the past to elevate the club to new heights.

“For me my religion is a large part of my life,” she said. “The Christian Student Association at school is an easier way for kids to be open about their religion”

The CSA recently encouraged other clubs to join in with them to clean up the courtyards. The courtyards, they thought, could become usable and lively spaces once more. The plan however never panned out.

Despite the fallout, she has not given up.

“I am trying to bring back mission projects from when they did them when I wasn’t in high school and go to the food back and the rescue mission” said Hutchison in an interview via Facebook. “I am hoping that it is not only a community service project, but also a bonding time for the club to grow closer together.”

Admittedly, the club has been short of service projects for the past couple school years. Hutchinson is working to bring the fundamental element of the club back into action.


  1. Thanks for the update and we all wish you and the club the best! I would love to do a follow up, just remind me if the club is having any upcoming special events.

  2. Despite my name being misspelled, I thank you for portraying the positive environment i try to have at each meeting. Coming into my senior year, I feel like I can have a strong impact on the underclassmen that are visiting, and hopefully getting them to think about staying all throughout high school like I did!

    the club has now moved to once a month, on every third Thursday, but at the time of the interview this information wasn’t fully discussed within the club. we are also now partnering with the FCA at the middle school, and possibly being huddle leaders for them!


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