Band places highly at statewide competitions


The Leesville Road symphonic band continues to impress spectators statewide. Placing first at the 22nd Annual Carolina Cavalcade of Bands (Sept 28) and the 29th Annual Blue Devil Classic competition (Oct 19), the band is propelling to new heights.

Overall, sentiment among the members continues to improve among its members with the recent performances. Members cite group passion, stability, and leadership for their recent accomplishments.

Alyssa Montgomery replaces Christopher Serina as the new band director. Under her, Laura Lisowe, Nicola McIrvine, and other seniors lead the bands; below the leaders and captains, there are section leaders–those who perform the best within their group.

“Our section (drumline) definitely performed well. We beat them (Mooresville High) this year, and they barely won over us two years ago. It shows we’ve been improving every time,” said Jackson Overturf, senior. “Overall we did alright. It was probably not our best, but overall, we placed in second.”

“It was a great competition, but there is room for improvement,” said Lisowe, symphonic band captain.

For all members, they finished both competitions with satisfaction. Highly ambitious, they aim to improve as more competitions approach.

“For me, it was an impressive first,” said Josh DeJoya, senior. “I’m sure there were some nerves, but I  imagine a good season for us.”

“We can definitely improve from this competition and we have time to prepare for the next,” said Overturf.

With rising optimism among band members and fresh leadership, the band is undergoing a revival.

“I feel that we’re really fortunate to have a great group of people, we cannot go anywhere but up.” said Amanda Johnson, senior.

The next competition, Cary Band Day, is scheduled for November 12 at Cary High School. Following that, the band has many events, competitions, and concerts planned for the remaining 2013-2014 school year.

Despite cancelling the England trip due to high expenses, the band is planning on traveling to San Francisco, California for their premier spring competition and field trip.


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