Elevate Your Burger at Elevation Burger


At Elevation Burger, guests can enjoy both inside and outside seating. The burgers come completely plain to allow guests to have the opportunity to order their burger exactly how they want it, with whichever and as many toppings as they want.

Elevation Burger is sweeping the nation. Starting in 2005, Hans and April Hess have opened 47 stores across the nation; on Saturday August 17th, they opened their most recent store in Brier Creek, which has become the first Elevation Burger in North Carolina.

The company is famous for their 100% organic beef. The cows are free-range and grass-fed with no hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics. Allowing the cows to roam, free-range, is a more humane way to treat them, and creates less fat in the meat. Because they are grass-fed, they are healthier in general which makes for much better tasting meat compared to the “standard” burger.

The restaurant offers not just the expected one or two patty burger, but also the infamous “vertigo” burger, which ranges anywhere from three to ten burger patties. I have only met a few brave souls who indulged in a four-patty, but unfortunately I have only seen pictures of the looming burger stacked ten patties high. The day I see someone embrace that ten patty burger will be the best day of my life.

The restaurant is also perfect for those with gluten allergies. Instead of the restaurant’s distinguished potato roll, guests can order the burger either wrapped in lettuce or no bun at all. Even the fries are gluten free. Fresh cut from real potatoes, the fries are deep fried in olive oil–a much healthier option considering olive oil doesn’t contain trans fat compared to other deep-fry oils.

Avoiding meat? Elevation Burger offers two different types of veggie burgers, perfect for their vegetarian and vegan guests. Both the beef and veggie patties have such a similar taste and texture, that vegetarians and vegans won’t know the difference.

For dessert, guests can enjoy Elevation Burger’s classic shakes. They offer three flavors of ice cream with eight different toppings that are spun into submission to create a mouth-watering, extra thick milkshake complete with hormone-free milk. Dipping fries in a nice shake? An all-American tradition perfect for this style of restaurant finishes off your burger with that sweet tang of salty and sweet.

It’s not just their food that is so revolutionary. The company’s entire restaurant is eco-friendly. The floors are made of bamboo and the tables are constructed of reeds of grass bound together and then pressed to create a smooth table-top. Just as Panera, the company cares about their guests and make a great effort to please both their guests and the environment.

While a bit pricey, guests find that the food quality is worth it. Burger prices range from $3.99-$7.99 (excluding the vertigo burger–price varies depending on the number of patties ordered). Since all of the menu items are sold separately, meaning no combos or meals, the average meal–burger, fries, and a drink–will range from $10.00-$14.00.

This restaurant has a refreshing environment, and phenomenal food–not to mention that a great portion of the staff attend LRHS.


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