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Brain Game, an academic showdown

Leesville’s Brain Game team celebrates after winning a competition. “Come out and support us!” said Ms. Jones.

This season, Leesville’s Brain Game team has a goal: “…to win this season’s competition,” said Ms. Amy Jones, Leesville’s Brain Game team leader.

“[It’s] to use knowledge you’ve gained in school for competition, to be a part of a close knit group [and] to be on T.V.,” said Jones.

Brain game is an academic competition in which three teams from local high schools gather and answer various questions.  For every correct answer, points are added and for every incorrect answer, points are deducted. The team who scores the highest, wins the match. Every Saturday at 11:30 a.m., teams are given the opportunity to compete on WRAL’s Mark Roberts-hosted competition.

Zack Gutierrez, one of Leesville’s Brain Game team members, said, “[It means…] you get to use what you learn in school. You’re not just learning about Europe in World History, forget about it two months later, or learn about the Kentucky Resolves, and forget it two months later. It gives purpose to remember this stuff, look back at it, keep your notes.”

But it also has some higher academic benefits than just memory improvement and leadership skills. “You can get into college using [Brain Game]. Two people that have been on it for the past couple years, one got into Tulane University after graduating from North Carolina School of Math and Science, the other was accepted into MIT,” said Gutierrez.

“The students take ownership; it’s nice to see their leadership skills developing.  I love the good energy of the students. They support each other so well,” said Jones.

Unfortunately, the team is scrambling to find new members this fall. “The future seems very dim, as we only have one underclassman,” said Gutierrez. “We need a lot more people.”

Leesville’s Brain Game team’s next meeting is September 9.


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