Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
Sasha Kazakova, team captain, returns a serve in the Tuesday game. Despite losing this match, the team remains determined to have a better season this year.

Leesville’s women’s tennis team lost 2-7 at a home game on August 27. The two matches won were a singles and doubles. Their season record sits at 1-1.

Even with this setback, the team expects to do well this season.

The season started off with a first-ever victory against Enloe. This start has left Sasha Kazakova, team captain, with high hopes.

“I think we’ve been doing pretty well [so far]”, said Kazakova.

Clare Stull, a returning sophomore, shares the enthusiasm: “I look forward to us…winning…[and] being together as a team.”

“I think we’re gonna do really well this season,” said Stull.

Molly Harnden, head coach, is also confident in the team’s ability this year.

“I definitely have a strong singles lineup, so we’re looking to improve from our record last year,” said Harnden. “We’ve got some strong doubles teams that are new together this year that I hope will make an impact throughout the season.”

As for improving this season, Harnden said, “[I’m] just trying to find the best lineup that I can…I’m trying to find the best combinations that we can and just working on our doubles this year.”

Overall, the consensus is hopeful. Harnden still expects a good season, and the recent loss has not dampened their spirits.

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