Knitting Club has Leesville in stitches


Tired of paying too much for scarves and blankets? Sick of your old, boring hobbies of stamp collecting and flower pressing? Well, Knitting Club is here for you! This year, Rachel Radulovich and Sydney O’brien, seniors, started this club that is sure to last for years to come.

“We realized that we both really liked to knit and wanted to see if we could start a club where people could come and knit together or learn to knit,” said O’Brien, senior.

But what started out as a small idea has turned into a school-wide phenomenon. Just take a walk through the hallways and you can hear people discuss what they are going to knit next. Look through the students book bags and you are sure to find some yarn and needles somewhere.

“At first everyone was just joking around and kept saying that no one would show up,” said Radulovich. “But when the first meeting came around there were about 30 people there.”

There have been two meetings since then, each with roughly the same turnout.

“I came in having absolutely no idea how to knit and now I love it!” said Mackenzie Dipper, sophomore.

Knitting Club has even set up their own twitter, @lrhsknitters, to keep members updated on knitting news.

Nicole Gooch, senior and vice president, said, “Its just a lot of fun to be there whether you know how to knit or not. It is a great social event and I would recommend it to everyone.”


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