Mon. Aug 8th, 2022
Max van Welzen (left), Ian Klug (center), and Ford Nelson (right) get ready to start performing at the Winterfest assembly. They sung the “Four Chords Song” and their performance ended with a standing ovation.

At last Friday’s winterfest assembly, the final act ended with a standing ovation. This standing ovation was for sophomores Ian Klug, Ford Nelson, and Max van Welzen.

The three boys performed a song called the “Four Chords Song”, originally sung by Axis of Awesome. Axis of Awesome is an Australian musical comedy band. This song combines top pop hits, new and old, all together in a song. Since these songs are all based on the same four-chord combination, the songs blend together.

Nelson is in chorus at Leesville. Van Welzen and Klug are not currently enrolled in any musical programs at Leesville.

“I am not [in band or chorus but] I auditioned for Capital Pride for next year. [And] I was around guitars since I was really little because my dad played,” said Klug when asked about his musical background.

“I play the piano; I have played since I was in first grade,” said van Welzen.

It was obvious that the boys had musical talent, especially Klug who sang most of the melody and played guitar while van Welzen and Nelson harmonized and contributed to the humor with dancing and hand motions.

The boys worked really hard to prepare the song, but it was kind of a last minute thought for them.

“Ian came up to both of us, and he asked us if we wanted to perform that song. I didn’t think we were going to actually do it. It took us two days to learn and then we performed it for the audition,” said Nelson.

The boys’ humorous rendition of this song made an impact on the audience, but it made an even bigger impact on the boys.

“[I enjoyed] being able to meet all the people that were there. I really enjoyed all the other acts, they’re nice people [and] they’re really talented,” said Klug.

“I thought it was fun to actually perform that song and the audience was kind of ridiculous. I was very surprised by their reaction,” said van Welzen.

The boys definitely enjoyed performing for the Winterfest Assembly, almost as much as the audience enjoyed hearing them perform.

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