Tue. Aug 16th, 2022
Several guys pose holding large bags filled with the ingredients needed to package meals. 20,000 meals for needy families worldwide were assembled that day.

According to The Hunger Project, 870 million people worldwide are hungry. Not like “I haven’t eaten since breakfast” hungry, but like “I haven’t eaten in three days” hungry. 25,000 people die every day from lack of nutrition, 16,000 of whom are children.

Ryan, a Stop Hunger Now representative, stated that there is enough food on the planet for everyone in the world to have sufficient meals.

So, then, how is it that 870 million people are starving? There are various reasons as to why this is. Poverty, lack of croppable land and contaminated water are just a few.

Stop Hunger Now is a Raleigh-based hunger relief agency that has been working toward ending hunger for over 13 years.

The organization packages meals composed of soy, dehydrated veggies (carrots, broccoli, onions and seasoning), rice and a small packet of vitamins to give to families all over the world. Each bag of food only costs 25 cents to produce and provides 21 vitamins and minerals over the span of five to six meals. Each package of food has a resealable lock and a shelf-life of 5 years.

Organized by Leesville’s GSA, LRHS students of all ages came together to package 20,000 meals in only two hours.

Immediately after the final bell, students filed into the cafeteria. While several students labeled and put together boxes, the rest applied a strong hand-sanitizer and put on hair nets.

The cafeteria was organized into five different stations. There was the groups filling the bags, the groups weighing the bags, the groups sealing the bags, the groups boxing the bags, and the runners. The filling groups would scoop the necessary ingredients into the bags, which the runners would then take to the weighing station.

From here, the bags would be sealed, counted, and boxed. When the filling stations ran low on ingredients, a team of guys, strong ones, would run over with a large bag of whatever ingredients needed to be replenished.

Meanwhile, music was playing in the background to keep everyone energetic and upbeat. Jackson 5’s I Want You Back, The Beatles Twist and Shout and Stevie Wonder’s Superstition are just a few examples.

The process was extremely fast paced, but fun. The 100+ students involved in the event sang and danced while they completed their assigned jobs. The silly, light-hearted mood made working so much more enjoyable.

Reporting on the event as well as taking part in it, I was able to see how well the Leesville community worked together. Students who have never met set aside their differences and worked as one for a greater cause.

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