Foreign language clubs sponsor holiday drives

Above is an image of a Spanish club meeting. The Spanish and Latin clubs are working together to bring winter clothes to the less fortunate.
Above is an image of a Spanish club meeting. The Spanish and Latin clubs are working together to bring winter clothes to the less fortunate.

The Latin and Spanish clubs held holiday drives for the local community. The Latin Club supported the the WRAL Coats for the Children campaign donating hundreds of winter clothing items to the local community. The Spanish Club is donating money, toys, and accessories to impoverished families.

Dr. Mash, Latin teacher/instructor, said, “It’s part of the coats for the children campaign it’s through WRAL. In the past it has only been winter clothing: coats, hats, gloves, etc. This year it has been added that we can donate new toys as well.”

Dr. Mash added, “It is one our [Latin Club] service projects, we have done this for 9 to 10 years, it has been been one of our best drives that we have done.” Michael Blomeke, Latin club member, said, “It feels great to give to those in need in our community.”

“We need as many contributions as possible. In the past we have had 100 coats donated and additional items,” said Dr. Mash. “We have done this for 9 to 10 years, since then, it has continued to be one of our best drives.”

Students in all of the Spanish classes were given options to either donate money or new toys for the families. The most money raised was in Sra. Long’s fourth period class.

Some students even went above and beyond to buy expensive items. One student in Sra. Long’s fourth period class donated a new bike. The Spanish Club officers will wrap the presents after school on Dec 18 to prepare for delivery to the families.

“I like it because it gets the kids into the holiday spirit and it gives Spanish Club leaders opportunities to interact with the family once they deliver the toys to them,” said Sra. Mundell, Spanish Teacher and Spanish club supervisor.

“We’re helping a few Hispanic families, and our goal is to specifically reach out to the kids,” said Eunique Browder, junior and vice president of the Spanish club.

Zoe Simpkins, historian, said, “We have a family, and they have 3 children and basically what we have done is raise money for everyone of all of his [Sr. Ross’s] classes, and now we are going to go shopping for toys and outfits, and buy toys for the kids and save money for the parents.”

The Spanish Club officers and students always reflect positively about the drive.

Eunique Browder, vice president, said, “I think it is a great way to lighten their mood for the holidays.”

“it feels great to help the kids and their parents,” said Simpkins.

The economic malaise of the past recession still lingers in the community. “I think it’s important for those donating to consider the masses of families suffering from the bad economy, they need a great holiday too,” said Ryan Quinn, junior and Latin III student.


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