NHS looks to tutor outside of school


On Monday, December 10, the National Honor Society held a regular meeting in the Leesville cafeteria.

“We did not have a meeting last month, so this was pretty much a general meeting,” said Rachel Radulovich and NHS officer, senior.

The meeting began with a run-through of upcoming events. The focus of the meeting centered around Mr. Lesher, Brier Creek Elementary teacher, who talked to the members. His goal was to encourage NHS students to come tutor at Brier Creek.

Kristen Nelson, senior and NHS officer, said, “I think the tutoring program is a great idea. It would give students experience working with younger kids and teach them a lot.”

Mr. Lesher talked of not just tutoring these students, but inspiring them to be more. He described these students as kids who do not care about school and have no motivation. Therefore, those who decide to sign up will not only gain service hours and experience, but they will attempt to push these kids to become interested and stay in school for the long run.

“The teacher seemed really nice and definitely made me want to sign up for the tutoring program at Brier Creek,” said Radulovich.

The National Honor Society also is offering service opportunities, such as babysitting for teachers, on early release next week, December 21.


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