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Another teen pregnancy support group at Leesville was created to help out pregnant students in need. The group was initially created last year by Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Tucker.

The group is now led by Mrs. Muhs, one of the guidance counselors, and Dr. Huber, who is the student assistance program coordinator at Leesville.

There are about eight students in the group according to Dr. Huber. These students attend a meeting every month where a specific topic is brought up by Mrs. Muhs or Dr. Huber, and they discuss the topic in a safe environment. “Some of the topics that we have talked about are: goals for the future, fears and concerns, and family relationships,” said Huber.

Huber believes that those in the group “appreciate the safe, nonjudgemental environment” the most.  Huber said that “Students benefit from the open, nonjudgmental environment because it gives them the opportunity to freely share what’s going on in their lives, and helps them feel supported. The experience in the group helps them feel that they are not alone in what they are going through.”

The structure of the group provides a great place for pregnant students, or students who already have children, to learn about parenthood. Students have the opportunity to learn how to give an infant CPR and first aid through the group.

The students are able to ask questions while they discuss which is an opportune time to voice any concerns or fears they may have.

Dr. Huber also said that one of the biggest advantages the girls receive at the support group is talking to other girls who have been through the same experiences.

Overall, the group is a source of safe support for girls who are pregnant or parenting where the non judgemental atmosphere prevents any embarrassment or harassment.


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