Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
“When the firemen lifted the cab, the size of the engine was overwhelming. This is the second year Car Club has showcased a fire truck.”
The December 6 Car Club meeting at Leesville Road High School featured a fire truck from the Raleigh Fire Department. Three firefighters accompanied the truck and gave insight into both the life of a firefighter and the truck itself.

As the truck pulled up, many of the Car Club members remarked at the sheer size of the truck. “This was the second year we had a fire truck come to car club, so I kind of knew what to expect,” said Rafael Esteller.

Esteller is the president of Car Club and actually went to the Fire Department on Norwood Road and ask the firemen on duty if they would be willing to bring one of their trucks to Car Club.

The firefighters were a great source of knowledge regarding the truck. They explained that the most common misconception about fire trucks is that they have special pumps to pump out the water. This is not true because the engine of the truck is actually used to pump water when fighting a fire.

The truck was built in 1998 and cost $350,000 to build.

Having a fire truck at Car club is a huge change from the past couple of cars that Esteller has found to have showcased at the club.

The next Car Club will be sometime next month and will feature a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am.

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