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Members of the 2011-2012 Leesville Swimming and Diving Team crowd around for a photo at the Conference Championship Meet on Jan. 21, 2012. The team is hoping to repeat the great performances of past years.

Leesville Road High School’s Swimming and Diving Team is prepared for another great season, following their second place finish in the Cap-8 Conference last year.

According to Emily Izquierdo, LRHS’s swim coach, this year will be a year of transition.

Fifteen senior swimmers graduated last year, but Izquierdo has heard from many freshmen about swimming this year.

The larger freshman class will likely not result in a larger team, as the team has stayed roughly the same size for its entire existence.  However, this influx of swimmers will offer a diversity of talent.  Talent diversity may lead to a better season this year, as winning multiple events increases the team’s chance of winning the meet.

There are many pros to joining the team, which include the large group of people you can become acquainted with, the atmosphere and excitement surrounding the meets and the ability to track your own improvement.  You can do all of this, even while being part of a larger team, said Izquierdo.  The only con, said Izquierdo, is the 5:30 a.m. practice time.

The team is around 70 members every year, from every different class, resulting in a lot of team “get-togethers” throughout the season.  During the school day before a meet, the entire team dresses up and tries to become “pumped” and ready to swim.  At the actual meet, tracking improvement is extremely easy, as an electronic board broadcasts your time following your swim.

Tryouts for the team will take place Nov 5-9 at the Optimist Pool in Raleigh.  Swimmers are expected to be on deck around 5:20 am and in the water at 5:30 am.

“I like how the swimming is early in the morning,” said Brian Campoli, senior, swim team captain and diver.  Tryouts conclude at 6:30 a.m., offering time for a shower before the drive to school.

Trying out for the team requires an athletic participation form, a concussion form and a current physical.

“[I think] the team this year will do better than last years [swimming and diving team],” said Campoli.

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