Taylor Swift’s new album Red makes an impact

This is the album cover of Red. The album hit number 1 on Itunes in less than an hour.
This is the album cover of Red. The album hit number 1 on Itunes in less than an hour.

Taylor Swift’s fourth album, Red, was released on Monday October 22, and it appears to be stereotypically about boyfriends and the typical undecodable thoughts of a young woman experimenting with love.

Popular demand has had a great effect on her music, changing her overall sound. Her album has certainly swayed away from her usual country-like beat. In her earlier albums, Swift incorporated different instruments and styles of music that relay a country-like feel, one which some might still prefer.

The music in Red is very diverse, ranging from soft guitar to high bass electronic. With most of the music being a mix of guitar, drums, and Taylor’s beautiful voice, some of the songs are not very unique in themselves but a great source of neural stimulation. The instruments and voices are well incorporated in the album.

My personal favorite song from Red is “Sad Beautiful Tragic.”  In the song, Swift combines her soft voice with the quiet smooth rhythm of guitar creating a peaceful relaxing experience. I also have found that “I Knew You Were Trouble”  is one of my favorites too. The song is the only one on the album that adds an electric feel, creating a hyped up fun mood.

Of all her songs in the album, there are two that I do not feel have correctly portrayed Swift’s musical talent, one of them being “22”. This song is fast paced and has a very pop-like beat that I do not thinks sounds very appealing. I feel that she went into uncharted territory when she wrote these songs.

The fact that Swift writes most of her songs is itself something to be respected. She has not fallen in the trap of unoriginality that most mainstream music stars have made their home in. In her new album, Swift’s thoughts are clear and meaningful. It is very evident that she puts her soul into her music. Because of this, her music sounds very good overall and leaves you wanting to hear more.


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