Sun. Aug 14th, 2022
Flyers have been posted in classrooms all over Leesville saying that one out of every ten students drops out of school due to bullying. The flyers are part of the faculties plan to reach students, teachers and parents in an effort to stop bullying.

Have you ever seen a student being bullied? Did you stop and stare? Chances are, you have. It’s safe to say that most students at Leesville Road High School either witness bullying taking place, been bullied, or bullied another student.

Bullying is defined as violent physical, or emotional behavior that is repetitive, intended to cause harm and involves a difference of power according to Philomena Karol, guidance counselor.

Karol gave her opinion on the reasons that students bully other students saying, “the reasons for bullying vary. Some students bully because they themselves are bullied. Other students bully because it gives them a sense of power.”

Karol also said, “For the most part, we have a welcoming and friendly student body at Leesville.  But anywhere you have a large group of students, bullying will probably occur.  The important thing is that students know to speak up about it so we can help them.”

The idea of students speaking up for themselves and others who are bullied is very important to Leesville’s administration and faculty.

Leesville has made public announcements, posted flyers and sent out information in a Yahoo group in an effort to reach the three major groups involved in bullying — parents, teachers and students.

Administrators who deal with bullying cannot help students if they do not help themselves. It is the student’s job to speak up and let authority figures know if they feel they have been bullied.

As Karol reflected over the cause of bullying, a famous quote by Edmund Burke came to her mind. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

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