“Gangnam Style” grabs international and intracranial attention

This picture is of PSY’s album cover for the single “Gangnam Style”. The song was released July 15, 2012.
This picture is of PSY’s album cover for the single “Gangnam Style”. The song was released July 15, 2012.

By popular demand and love for the song “Gangnam Style” , I’ve found that it is necessary to write about the never-ceasing Korean Pop (K-Pop) sensation that’s reigning in the United States, Leesville Road High School and my brain.

“Gangnam Style” is the K-Pop hit single by South Korean artist PSY; the song’s humorous music video, catchy tune and interesting, corresponding dance moves propelled the tune to international fame.

The song’s purpose was to poke fun at the Gangnam district of Seoul, which is a rich, trendy community in Korea.

The first time I saw the video and heard the song, I couldn’t contain my loud laughter. I didn’t have any background information of what “Gangnam Style”nor what PSY was attempting to  express in the song (which, I still don’t because it’s not in english). The only English words were “EYYYY! SEXY LADY!”, which were repeated many times in the chorus.

In the music video, the singer of PSY is walking and dancing around many settings including a horse barn, a downtown street and a sauna. The video takes a farcical stride with explosions and epic things that happen throughout the video. It’s a fun-to-watch video made to entertain the viewer.

At the time of first watching the video, though, I didn’t plan on falling head over heels in love with the K-Pop single.

My strong, infinite love sprouted after helping Executive Council with videos for Homecoming (the a promotional videos have a “Gangnam Style” theme).  We listened to the beat over and over and over again, and eventually, I couldn’t force the song out of my head.

Plus, I learned the “invisible horse riding” dance, which propelled me further into the song’s greatness now that I could show off my acquired dance moves.

The dance, as I said before, looks like someone’s riding an invisible horse, kicking their legs up and down and pretending to hold the reins. It’s a fast and fun dance that anyone with a bit of rhythm can do.

I scurried home and hastily added to my iPod, so I could listen and dance to “Gangnam Style” on repeat everywhere I went.

I blasted the song everywhere: while in the shower, while in the car on the way to lunch, while I cleaned my room, while I did my homework.

There are many parodies of Gangnam Style on Youtube, and I have watched all of them.
“Gangnam Style” won’t stop playing in my head. As a write this article, I can only think about the hypnotic beat and the jumping dance moves.

Gangnam style has taken over Youtube and my heart. I predict the catchy, dance song will take over the world.


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