Romney plan shows promise

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney shows determination during the campaign.
Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney shows determination during the campaign.

Declining at an alarming rate, our economy has gone from bad to worse. Among other problems, the most concerning is the  unacceptable rise in unemployment and homelessness. This is due to what Obama’s “change” has brought about. Obama health care reform, so highly anticipated initially, has only made things worse.

According to USA Today, who interviewed Senator John Barasso, “by forcing expensive new health care mandates through Congress, [Obama has] made it harder for Americans to find good jobs and provide for their families.”

President Obama has repeatedly promised, “if you’re a family making less than $250,000 a year, my plan won’t raise your taxes one penny.” However, the general public can see now that this is simply not true. All Obamacare did was hire more IRS agents to make sure people buy insurance. It did not ensure that there were enough doctors and nurses to take care of the increase of patients.

Because of this failed plan, the national deficit – which Obama swore he wouldn’t add a penny to – has increased by more than five trillion dollars, spending money on policies that the public did not want or desire.

In addition, he wants to continue to ship half of our oil from foreign, hostile countries while the United States already have vast stores of oil sitting just off our shores and in Alaska. If the United States, as a nation, merely utilized the resources that it has have at its disposal, the deficit would be cut; all simply because the United States would stop buying oil from middle-eastern nations that charge too much anyway.

There is a better, more suitable candidate for President, however; Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, has policies and plan that cover these and more issues that will cut the deficit and decrease unemployment.

For example, according to the National Review, Mitt Romney has plans to give a Presidential Permit (which is required for the project, since it is sponsored by Canada, while the construction would be in the United States) for the construction of what is called the Keystone XL Project. What the project plans to do is build an oil line up from Alberta, Canada, to Steele City, Nebraska.

This is huge, because this would enable us to ship oil from a friendly, North American country, resulting in lower oil prices. At the same time, middle-eastern countries would lose most of their oil sales, decreasing their national income, and decreasing the risks of hostilities against United States allies like Israel.

Also, Romney’s plans to increase the employment rate are very practical and likely to succeed; this is encouraged by the fact that these same policies increased the employment rate in Massachusetts. Romney has come up with a plan consisting of 52 specific proposals, each one of which, he claims, will provide a framework to create jobs; these proposals will not create jobs in themselves, because the government cannot “create” jobs.

Romney advocates that the government can only provide a framework for jobs to grow in. I heartily agree. One of the things he plans to do is stop the increases in employment regulations which hinder the employment of otherwise eligible employees.

Altogether, Romney paints a much prettier picture for the future of the America than Obama. Romney’s credential are both valid and reliable, and his history in Massachusetts speaks for itself. His plans are sound and practical, and the possible positive repercussions are endless.


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