Rosary beads cause problems at LRMS

This rosary necklace resembles the ones people wear around their necks. Catholics use rosary beads to keep track of religious prayers.


This rosary necklace resembles the ones people wear around their necks. Catholics use rosary beads to keep track of religious prayers.

Recently, the LRHS school administration has tried restricting shorter shorts and tighter tights. While some students may have a problem with these rules, Leesville Middle has been receiving some negative attention lately over an incident involving rosary beads.

According to the News & Observer, the LRMS administration suspended Pat Corbino, school teacher, with pay last Thursday for allegedly denying Naomi Ward, a sixth-grade student, the right to wear a necklace of rosary beads in her class.

T. Keung Hui, N&O staff writer, tries to portray the situation as best he can; however, it’s difficult when only one party is pointing the finger. If one were to read through the article, Hui hardly mentions Corbino’s side of the story or even tries to imagine her thought process. Hui bases most information off of Naomi’s case. I believe the media is jumping too soon to a conclusion where Corbino is already guilty.

Catholics use rosary beads to keep track of religious prayers and do not often use them as necklaces. The N&O said, “Corbino, according to Naomi, said she’s Catholic and was ‘offended’ by them being worn around the neck.”

Now, I understand it can be a touchy subject when it comes to religion and school, but this sixth-grader is just beginning to take part in the school experience. The N&O received a majority of their information from Naomi. Everyone has been her age at some point. We all have over-exaggerated some incidents.

The N&O also claimed, “Naomi is a Protestant and doesn’t wear a rosary.” Is it just me or is this contradictory? I find it easier to believe that someone is over-exaggerating the facts of the situation in order to attract attention to this conflict.

This case has become a mess over the past few days. The N&O prohibited any more comments on their website and erased all previous comments. WCPSS has issued a full-scale investigation into the matter. It is still too early to get a full grasp of the situation at hand, but it seems Corbino is taking the heat although she apologized and clarified her statement in an email to Naomi’s family.

Corbino’s email apparently did not satisfy Naomi’s mother, so her mother complained to the administration.

Wake County has prohibited Corbino from speaking about the matter. If that were not the case, I am sure the public would see a whole new aspect of the story.

I respect both sides of the conflict, but everything would play out so much smoother if everyone had talked it out instead of going straight to complaining. The ideal situation would be to take a breather and then discuss it like humans normally should.


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