New administrator transfers to Leesville

New Administrator Ms. Molly Moore looks over the cafeteria during B Lunch. Moore’s new job involves organizing and planning student activities.
New Administrator Ms. Molly Moore looks over the cafeteria during B Lunch. Moore’s new job involves organizing and planning student activities.

After transferring from West Millbrook Middle School, Ms. Molly Moore, new assistant principal, has finally settled into Leesville life. The new principal, Anthony Muttillo, was also transferred from West Millbrook, making life at Leesville much more familiar and comfortable.

“I came here because there was an opening,” she said. “It was an opportunity to change lives in a different way, and it was an opportunity to upgrade from middle to high school.”

While it may seem like a big change in coming to a high school from a middle school setting, Ms. Moore feels otherwise. “I feel so welcome here, everyone is just so welcoming.” she said when comparing the schools. “There’s no difference in how I feel towards both schools; they can’t be compared. There’s good things about both.”

Moore’s new job involves organizing and planning student activities, making sure that the teachers effectively do their jobs and, on the whole, helping the principal and the other administrators to run the school.

She has been actively participating in organizing and smoothing the transition for new students to Leesville, helping them to find their classes and buses. Whenever you see her, she is never standing still; she is always active in some way or another, a characteristic that makes her ideal for her new position.

According to Ms. Jo Ellen Newhouse, fellow assistant principal, “She is very interested in examining school records of any kind; bus records, student records, attendance records…she is very good at it, so that is definitely something she has brought to the school.”

Another positive characteristic that Moore has is her cheerful and friendly attitude and personality. She does not resent students who ask for help, nor does she act impatient towards them; she is always ever helpful, cheerfully giving advice and pointing students in the right direction. Students and staff can see her around the school helping students find their buses, straightening the cafeteria–whatever small jobs that need to be done, she is there to do them.

Without the usual condescending attitude towards teens that some adults have, she is a most welcome addition to Leesville’s team. “She has a very positive attitude towards the kids, absolutely!” Newhouse said.

Hopefully, she plans to stay, because already she has made an impact on the students and teachers. If she can do that in only the few months she has been there, one can scarcely imagine the possibilities of the long-term effects she could bring in the years to come.


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