Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
Students going to the library during their lunch must have a green pass. The pass system’s flaws can be fixed with a simple and easy solution.

Good thing remembering to ask for a library pass for lunch is really easy to remember.

Oh wait. It’s not.

Students who need a pass at the last minute, forget their year-long pass or forget to ask for one from their teacher are out of luck when lunchtime rolls around. These students then must face the loud cafeteria to do their homework or finish up a project.

However, the media center refrains from letting kids enter without a pass to prevent kids from entering just to have a good time and to talk with their friends. The passes hold the student accountable for doing his/her work.

With all these pros and cons, I have made a plan I believe the school could use to improve the usage of the library during lunches.

Instead of asking one’s teacher for a pass, the student would sign-in to the media center at a list on the media specialist’s desk. The students would walk in, sign their name, the date, lunch period and the reason they are using the media center.

This new system would take away the necessity in remembering to receive a pass from one’s teacher but would still hold the students accountable for what they were doing.

If a student, or a group of students, were disrupting, the media specialist could ask the students what they were doing. If it wasn’t what they wrote on the signup sheet, the librarian can take action they found necessary to keep the media center a place for homework and studying.

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