Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
Room 245, where Environmental Club meetings are held once a month. The first environmental club meeting, held Tuesday, Sept 11, came with a large gathering of current and former APES students.

Are people afraid of becoming tree huggers? Do not ask the 40 students who attended the first environmental club meeting. With the first meeting, held last Tuesday, came an impressive attendance.

“There were so many people, former and current APES students, from different backgrounds,” said Lucas Queyquep, junior.

When asking a few students their reasons for joining the club, they had many different intents. Ryan Quinn, junior and APES student, said, “I would like to hear what speakers have to talk about.”

Jerome De Leon, junior, said, “I want to join this club because I love the environment.”

Members swayed friends like Marco Fajardo, senior, into attending. Fajardo said, “I came to the meeting because Jerome invited me.”

Others saw opportunity in recreational activities. Jee Woo Park, junior, said, “I want to do more hiking and events at some places like Falls Lake.”

So with many students with different motives, this year is opted to bring many surprises to the Environmental Club. Dr. Stone, AP environmental teacher, said, “These students bring hope to the club, there are so many creative ideas the students have.”

Still, officers pledge to stick with the club’s core principle. Claire Walzyk, treasurer, said, “We focus mainly on the environment and figuring ways to clean the environmental around our school.”

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