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Sports Med: The class that teaches you how to save a life

The Sports Med level 2 class gets prepared for their lesson. This semester they will learn about the anatomy of bones and muscles.

Not everyone who contributes to the success of Leesville Road athletic teams is a player on the field. Leesville offers a class in Sports Medicine, where students can combine their love of sports with practical skills training that might even lead to a career someday.

“Sports Med is a class where you learn to prevent, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate sports injuries.” said Lauren Bullamore, Sports Med 3 student.

The class has three levels. Each level is one semester. Level 1 teaches basic CPR and first aid. Taping wrists and ankles for stability are also included in the class syllabus. Level 2 informs you about the anatomy of bones and muscle and the beginning of rehab. Level 3 includes more advanced rehab and interning off-campus with health professionals.

“CPR and first aid is important for everyone to know because you never know when you might need it. Upper levels are a great way to get introduced to the medical field” said Bullamore.

The students are graded on their abilities in class, academics, and hours required per course. Level 1 is 50 hours of volunteering, 2 is 100 hours and 3 is 200 hours. The volunteering is at sports events at Leesville.

Tyler Scheviak, another student,  describes helping athletes with injuries and getting them water and ice and other needed material. Staying calm and doing what you need in tense situations are important lessons you learn in class.

Scheviak said, “We learn by using real-life situations as examples, and acting them out in class.” Students also learn every day while they are helping at sports practices.

“You learn how to save lives,” said Scheviak. “It gives you life skills. I got my CPR and AED (Automatic Electric Defibrillator) license. If there is an urgent situation, I know how to respond.”


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