Car Club features $98000 super car


Ten cylinders, two seats, one carbon fiber rear-wing, one sick burnt orange paint job and 600 horses to boot. At $98,000, the 2009 Viper ACR set the standard at Car Club’s first meeting last Thursday.

Over the course of the previous week, excitement buzzed through students’ minds with the thought of witnessing a beautiful car. The second year club was looking to capitalize on last year’s milestone of forming the club.

“The goal is to have a fun way to meet and talk about our cars and discuss them,” said Rafael Esteller, president of Car Club.

Motorheads, car enthusiasts and the “just plain curious” showed up to Car Club to see the main event. The thirty-person crowd gathered around as the ACR rolled into the bus parking lot.

Tala McGann, the only girl member, did not take as much notice as others did when the owner began discussing his car.

“I have always loved cars since I was little,” said McGann. But when asked what she thought of the Viper, McGann said, “It depends because there are some aspects that are absolutely amazing but there are also aspects that kind of shoot it in the foot. There is always going to be some kind of flaw to a car.”

The club is important to McGann and other car fanatics because it gives them a chance to look at rare cars, learn each vehicle’s history and explore the wonders of engineering. “They really have come along way since the beginning,” said McGann.

For a first meeting, the Car Club succeeded in attracting more students to their cause. Future meetings could grow in size as the officers look to bring in more cars like the Viper ACR.

“We don’t know which cars we’ll feature in the future, but hopefully [we can get] many cool cars that people would want to see,” said Esteller.


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