Lunch Detention for Tardies is Unnecessary


Hit the snooze button one too many times? Lunch detention. Caught in traffic? Lunch detention.

In what world does being 15 minutes late to school constitute a punishment?

I understand possibly doing this for students who are late to second, third, or fourth period, but being late to first period is a common occurrence. I have never seen another school that punished being late to first period.

I recently was late to school, arriving at 7:40 (school begins at 7:25), and was assigned a lunch detention for the following day. This just seems as though it is overkill, I was only a little over 15 minutes late.

I propose a few different solutions to this issue.

First: Instead of giving lunch detention the first time, it should be given to a student who is late twice in one week, or three times in a month. It shouldn’t be given to people who are late twice a year. If it becomes a trend however, then it should be addressed by the school in a disciplinary fashion.

Another potential substitute is to hand out cards to each student on the first day that they can keep in their wallets. The card will have three punchable holes for tardies; if a student is absent three times, a date for lunch detention will be posted on their card for them to serve.

While obviously this idea may lack in practicality, it could certainly be a basis for a better idea than what the current system dictates. Just assuming that everyone who is late was skipping isn’t exactly a beacon of practicality either.

Whether it be with one of my suggested alternatives, or something different, I personally hope that Leesville will change its policy on first period lateness.



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