Class of 2013 taking over Senior Wall


As the class of 2012 vacates the Leesville campus, the class of 2013 is expected to fill its place very quickly. One of the ways that they will do this is by painting over the mural on the senior wall.

One group of students from the class of 2013 are currently in the process of perfecting their drawing. Zoe Simpkins, Grace McLeod, Demaris Bates, Gabe Romero, Michelle Mason and Lindsey Daniels are drawing a comic themed mural incorporating a lion that has potential to be the drawing chosen by the senior class council.

“It’s going to have a couple of boxes with different sports shown that will truly capture a sense of Leesville pride,” said Simpkins.

These students want to leave their artistic legacy on Leesville and they thought that the best way to do so is by submitting their best representation of what Leesville is all about.

There are currently no designs that have been submitted but the competition is still open. The deadline to submit a drawing is Friday, June 1, and there are no requirements to submit a drawing.

According to Ms. Wade, “Hopefully some of the honors art kids will help with the actual painting part. Wade also said that she is open to all designs and right now and because there are no designs submitted. Any design has a fighting chance of being displayed on the senior wall for next school year.

The senior class council for the class of 2013 will vote on the design once they have been submitted. If you are an artist and feel you could contribute please submit your drawing to Ms. Wade or Ms. Barrow in room 2208 or 2212 respectively. Time is running out to show your pride Loonies!


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