Tue. Jun 28th, 2022
Kordell Draper and his group rehearse the anti-play The Bald Soprano. This is one of the 13 scenes that will be performed in different classes on Thursday.

On Thursday, March 29, the Theater Arts classes will perform traveling scenes. These are mini-plays that groups in Theater II perform, matching certain teacher’s curriculum. The students perform scenes written by Mrs. Catania, and each student auditions for a role. If they are given the role, they research the play, create costumes, memorize lines and become the characters.

“There’s 13 scenes total to be performed. The amount of scenes you perform depends on how many teachers request you. The play usually has to fit the curriculum of the teacher,” said Kordell Draper, a junior.

Kordell is performing a play called The Bald Soprano. He described it as somewhat of an anti-play– it makes fun of how people interact with each other. After he was assigned this play, he had to research the history of the play and create a PowerPoint on it to show to the class.

These groups have been rehearsing for about a month. When the day of the performance comes, they get their hair and make-up done by people in tech theatre.
“I get really nervous before we perform these scenes in front of Mrs. Catania, but when we get to the actual classes it’s not as bad,” said Lily Edwards when asked about nerves. Aly Perkins and Lily Edwards are performing Macbeth, act four scene one.

“It’s the knowing and the not knowing, as Mrs. Catania would say. You just have to pay more attention to the scene than the audience. Get yourself lost in the character, and you won’t have time to even be nervous,” said Kordell.

The three theater classes will be traveling to different classrooms, in costume, during classes on Thursday.

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