Sun. Aug 14th, 2022
Like Pictionary, Draw Something allows players to draw pictures of words for their opponents. Players can work with a variety of different marker sizes and colors, more of which become available the longer you play.

Angry Birds, Words With Friends, even Temple Run – all three had their moment of glory, their time in the limelight as “the game.” Now though, all of that has come to an end as a new app has taken its rightful place among the gaming elite—Draw Something.

In recent weeks, Draw Something has spread throughout Leesville with unprecedented quickness; where only days ago students were “running” away from monkeys in ancient temples, they now find themselves testing their artistic talents.

Cassidi Ingle, junior, said, “One of the main reasons why I think Draw Something has become so popular is because it’s all about creativity. There’s more than one word to think about any word, so you never know how someone else may draw it.”

During a normal round, players take turns choosing words to illustrate for their opponents and then guessing the words their opponents draw for them. Based on correct guesses, players earn coins that can later be redeemed for bonus colors and power-ups.

Erik Seigle, junior, said,” After you play for a while and accumulate coins, you can earn new colors, which make the game even more interesting. Having a wider variety of color options means you aren’t as limited in what you can draw, which also means you can try more challenging words.”

Ingle went on to mention that the multiplayer aspect of the game sets it apart from other recent successes. “With Temple Run and Angry Birds, you’re not competing against anyone,” said Ingle. “In Draw Something, though, you’re going against your friends, so you can try and outdo them, but also give them a hard time if their drawing isn’t great.”

Seigle felt that Draw Something stands out in the fact that it allows for and encourages players to use their imaginations.

Said Seigle, “Most of these other games, there is one way to win and you must play that way. Draw Something isn’t like that; with every word and every game, you know you’re always going to get something new. All in all, it’s a great game that lets you play with friends, even if it may not be the most conventional.”

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