Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
One of the many talented acts sets up before the usual Thursday rehearsal in the black box. Rehearsals for such a big event typically last until 4:00 pm or later.

Auditions. Practices. Costumes. Nerves. Rehearsals. The talented students participating in the 2012 Winterfest Assembly at Leesville are well on their way to being ready for the final performance on February 24.

“Rehearsal has been running pretty smoothly so far,” says Omar Davis, a senior who will be performing an original rap song. “When we practice, each act goes up and performs just like they would in the assembly. There’s a lot of really good acts practicing for Winterfest, and I think everyone will do great when the real performance comes around.”

These students have been practicing on their own and participating in rehearsals with all the other performers after school once a week.

Recently during a rehearsal, Ms. Golden predicted that this year would be the “best Winterfest in the history of Leesville.” Whether or not her prediction comes true will depend upon our very own student body.

The acts that these students are rehearsing include musical performances, a drum battle, and a duo doing a variety of hula-hoop tricks. All who know the viral Internet video “Bon QuiQui” will be laughing during the acts in between the performances, as Remi Olkage imitates this ‘ghetto’ girl. Leesville’s new step team, Blackcentricity, will grace us with their strong performance.

As an “intermission” between all of these talented acts, the Winterfest court for each grade level will be announced. After everyone on the court is named, the King and Queen will be presented.

The assembly itself is on February 24. Classes with a majority of juniors and seniors will go to the gym and view the assembly during second period. Classes with a majority of underclassmen will watch the assembly on the televisions in the classroom.

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