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Model UN club meets again

Donna Chow takes notes at the Model UN meeting. The club met on Thursday, Dec. 1 and plans to meet again Dec. 16.

The Model UN club met Thursday, December 1 to discuss the rules of order for their caucus (a debate)  next week. Since Model UN is a debate club, students must learn certain rules and procedures for their debates. For example, students must say “point of order” to correct the chair.

Yet the students in Model UN gain a lot more from the club than just learning rules for debates.

Erica Lee, junior and president of the club, believes Model UN give students the opportunity to improve certain skill sets, such as talking in front of a class.

“Model UN gives you leadership to speak out for different countries, broadens your horizon and gives you the ability to explore other countries’ beliefs and issues”, said Lee.

Ingrid Chen, junior, feels that Model UN gives students the ability to learn about other countries and issues around the world.

“Model UN gives students the chance to research current global issues and learn how different countries interact with each other,” said Chen.

During the meeting, students also learned the terms to use during MUNCH (Model UN at Chapel Hill). From March 16 to March 18, UNC hosts a high school Model United Nations conference, which the Model UN club at Leesville plans to attend.

The next club meeting is in two weeks, December 15.



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