Blue vs. Green important to wrestling team

The green team looks on from the floor of the Leesville gym.
The green team looks on from the floor of the Leesville gym.

On Wednesday November 16, the Leesville Wrestling Team held the “Blue vs Green” scrimmage to help jump-start the upcoming season.

The event is an exciting kickoff to the 2011-2012 season for the team, as Leesville wrestlers formed two teams called the “Blue Team” and the “Green Team.” New wrestlers got some experience, and old wrestlers shake the rust off.

Matt Cesari, a sophomore wrestler, said, “It sort of gives people a taste of the season; it also helps to give new guys some experience.” Not only is it a good time to get some seasoning, but as Cesari said, “It’s also just fun seeing all the new guys out there.”

Todd Clark, a fan who has never watched a live wrestling match before, thought it was interesting. “I’ve never seen a wrestling match before, but this is cool;  it is full of action and it does not have a lot of downtime.”

Zach Kates, senior captain, said, “I think it is good to have the opportunity to be on the mat for the first time for all the new wrestlers.” He also continued on: “I did pretty good also so that’s nice.”

For some, it was apparent that the new wrestlers were still learning, but it is experience like this that will contribute to their development going forward.


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