Twitter is not your diary

Tweets like these contribute to the lack of creativity that users seem to have accepted.
Tweets like these contribute to the lack of creativity that users seem to have accepted.

I check Twitter multiple times during the day, staying updated and reading people’s interesting tweets. Twitter is a great way to express yourself and come up with your own ideas. I generally follow people who are creative and intelligent, never obnoxious and excessive tweeters.

If someone tweets terribly, I unfollow them and move on. Some people on Twitter claim to be on “teams” in their short bio on their profile. I’m not “#teamfollowback” or “#teamswag” or any other “team.”

Twitter is contaminated with meaningless tweets. At any time during the day, I can find four or five twitter complaints. Looking on my timeline, I see the following:
1. “It’s so cold! #fml #wannagobacktosleep”
2. “Ughhhh I hate school”
3. “Sometimes I wonder why I even try….”
4. “30 more minutes……#dying #work”
5. “worst headache everrr.”

These tweets are annoying and obvious. Tweeting about your headache won’t make it go away.

If you want more followers, come up with your own thoughts rather than your own complaints. Creativity is refreshing, and twitter lacks it. Quoting songs is okay, as long as eight other people didn’t tweet it too.

On the flip side, being too deep and philosophical can come across as prude. “Life is a book. Today is a page. Tomorrow’s a chapter.”….? First of all, that doesn’t really make sense. Why would one day be a page and one day be a chapter? You have to find a balance. Try to tweet something thought-provoking or somewhat important.

Kaleigh Thompson, sophomore, expresses her opinion. “A lot of people tweet about things that are really personal that people don’t need to know about. Your life shouldn’t be on Twitter. Complaining constantly really makes me mad, and I hate reading it. I always unfollow people that do that.”

Ultimately, the issue comes down to maturity. Tweets like “hate my parents” are just obnoxious and uncalled for. It’s unnecessary to broadcast your issues with one person for all of your followers to see. I refuse to keep reading exaggerated feelings and situations.

Before tweeting something, ask yourself the following:

1. Is this annoying?
2. Ask yourself again, because you won’t admit it to yourself the first time.
3. Did I spell everything correctly?
4. Does it make sense?
5. Will people actually want to read this?

My favorite thing about Twitter is you can follow whom ever you want to. If someone’s tweets are horrible, just unfollow them.

Constant complaints on Twitter creates the impression that you are ungrateful for what you have. That is the most aggravating part of the entire situation. Everyone suffers; why must we all suffer with you too? Relax. It’s not the end of the world just because it’s Monday.

Tweet to your discretion and follow whom you please, but every tweet should contribute something, anything–whether it’s an inspirational idea or a song lyric with some substance.


  1. You said yourself to just unfollow someone when they’re being annoying. So why write a whole piece on how much it irritates you? This article is what is “obnoxious and uncalled for.”

  2. People tweet pointless stuff because they can, because it’s THEIR Twitter. People can tweet to their hearts content and if you don’t like it then don’t follow them. And definitely don’t write an entire article about something so pointless.


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