Track and Field tries to catch its breath

On October 17, 2011, athletes met in the auditorium to kick off the 2011-2012 track and field season at Leesville. The meeting was open to all students and parents interested in the winter or spring track and field season.

The new head coach this year, Michael Grether, is an extremely upbeat, positive person with a lot of energy and a good sense of humor. Many of the track athletes are excited to compete under coach Grether who was previously the middle school track and field coach.

Grether’s background suggests that he will be an excellent motivator and a empathetic leader. Grether specializes in distance, sprints and high jump training. Grether coached the middle school track and field team from 2009 to 2011 and had a great deal of success. During his tenure, he coached two undefeated teams and broke 16 out of the 20 school records. He was a three sport lettermen at North Royalton High School, lettering in Cross Country, Wrestling and Track.

While Grether may seem like an excellent fit, students say anything will be an improvement from Jason Tindal, more commonly known as “Daddy T.” Tindal was last year’s head coach and left athletes with a bitter feeling due to his serious and sometimes even hurtful demeanor. Some students claimed their experience was so bad that they are not coming back.

This is the second consecutive year a new head coach has been introduced to the Leesville track team. For most students, it is hard to stay committed when there is a new head coach every year.

Alan Koruth, junior, asked, “If the coach can’t stay committed, why should I stay committed?” Koruth is not alone in his questioning of past track coach’s commitment.

Fortunately both of the co-head coaches, Mathew Cross and James Ross are starting their second year at Leesville and are already known by many of the returning athletes. This commitment displayed by both coaches has inspired many athletes like Koruth to stay devoted and keep going when the going gets tough.


  1. You must be kidding?!? The guy has little to no experience at coaching….and never coached a H.S. team. His own Bio shows that the best he has ever coached is a 7th place high jumper. He told the athletes that there will be no pole vaulting, which is a H.S. event. There are some great athletes at LRHS…..and he better hope that they can carry him, because his coaching will not be able to.

  2. I had the honor of working with Mr. Grether at Leesville Middle School for several years. He is a committed educator and coach and is dedicated to the Leesville community. I hope that student athletes will give him a chance, as he is truly the real deal. Good luck to the track and field team this year – Go Pride!


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