Dabbleboard: The Reinvented Whiteboard

What you first see as you go to dabbleboard.com. Photo courtesy of dabbleboard.com.
Dabbleboard is an online tool made to completely reinvent the white board.

When you log onto the website, you’re faced with two buttons to press: “Take the Tour” and “Get Started(No sign up necessary).”

When you click on the “Get Started” tab, it pulls you to a the white board itself, with a mini tutorial. It tells you about where everything it to refresh your memory, or if you are trying to learn where everything is fast.

If you choose the “Take the Tour” tab, it plays a video and pulls up 10 reasons why you should use the website.

To use Dabbleboard, you don’t have to have an account.  Everyone can  share their drawings with anyone on the internet without registering. However, if you want to save your drawings and thoughts, you have to register. Registering consists of a valid email, username and password. A premium account can also be created for those that want to have unlimited data. It costs 8 dollars a month per individual.

Dabbleboard isn’t made for just one group of people. It’s out there for everyone who needs a white board and with the ability of easily sharing their drawings with others. Those that constantly work with presentations might look like the most suited to use Dabbleboard, but students, for example, will find it just as useful and easy to use. Students can use it during brainstorming and organzing sessions in the classroom, and to share their thinking collaboratively while doing math problems.

I use dabbleboard for my second period, Creative Writing. It lets me put all my thoughts together for the next short story, poem or play I have to write. It keeps all my ideas organized and in the same place so they’re easy to find.

Teachers can use Dabbleboard to organize class projects, seating charts, day-to-day planners and even grades.

In the end, it can be a useful tool for all those that want to organize their thoughts.


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