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The grapple disappoints

The grapple is a strange fruit that is suppose to taste like an apple mixed with grape. It is created through infusing grape flavor into a regular gala apple.

After a lengthy, exhausting day of high school, the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. Fate had a different plan. There was a package on my doorstep awaiting for me. Grudgingly, I slowly unwrapped the mysterious package. Alas, when I laid my eyes upon the item, I was speechless. I battled with my inner demon, wondering if this could be real life.


As I reached into the depths of the box, grabbing for the unknown snack, my father walked out and proceeded to yell, “NOOOOO!”

I turned in shock. “What’s wrong?”

“Those are for dinner tonight. You can NOT eat one until then,” my father explained.

“Okay,” I kindly replied and walked away indifferently.

But the indifference would not last long. In less than an hour, my curiosity had peaked and I was filled with an overwhelming urge to try the strange fruit. Despite my efforts, I could not tear my mind from the intriguing fruit.

How is this phenomenon possible? How is an apple suppose to taste like a grape? Was it created in the Garden of Eden itself? These questions haunted me, danced through my mind, refusing to leave unless I found the truth.

I couldn’t help it; I opened the package. Suddenly I was struck with a powerful aroma of pure, splendid grapes. How was I suppose avoid consuming such a wonderful contradiction with the sweet scent taunting me? I would not give in though.

Eventually, after all my struggles against my burning curiosity, dinner finally arrived.

My mother cut the baffling fruit. As I slowly lifted it up to my mouth, the heavens opened up and shined down and dramatic music began to play. I placed the fruit in my mouth and  contemplatively chewed and chewed and chewed, waiting for the magical moment to arrive.

It didn’t.

All my waiting and anxiety for nothing. How could something with such magical potential taste like a regular apple?

I felt betrayed.

The Grapple pretended to be something it was not. Why couldn’t it just be who it was? It is easy to get wrapped up in pretense and lose sight of yourself. But don’t. The truth will come out and when it does, all that’s left will be the same old person you tried to ditch in the first place.The Grapple became so wrapped up in being the picturesque fruit, the fruit that everyone likes, the fruit that everyone wants, that it lost the reality that it was just an apple.


  1. Heavy analogy at the end.. I liked it! Never heard of a Grapple either, so that part was fun and interesting.


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