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Facial hair grows on Leesville

Alex Doane, sophomore, flaunts his burly beard. He, as well as other Leesville students, decided to participate in No Shave November. Photo courtesy of Hailey Stephenson.

Facial hair seems to be a rising trend at Leesville Road High School. More and more guys walk the halls with burly beards and massive mustaches. 

With November in full swing, this trend has reached its highest peak. “No-Shave November”, as it is commonly referred to, is a fun way to raise awareness for men’s health by refraining from shaving for the duration of the entire month of November.

For Kelton Sutton, senior, this is no difficult task. He has been growing facial hair since his freshman year. “Basically I’m just lazy when it comes to shaving.”

Sutton views facial hair of any kind as “manly.” He told me how his long-time girlfriend likes his beard, and even plays with it. But, due to his senior pictures, he had to completely shave. “It was so depressing,” he said, but “it grew back quickly.”

“I plan to grow my beard out long enough to be able to put rubber bands in it,” Sutton said. “Then I will look just like Jack Sparrow.”

Michael Elderkin, senior, prefers the clean-cut look.

“I’m not into that raccoon tail looking beard,” said Elderkin. “But, I will admit that facial hair makes people look older.”

Elderkin, an avid bassoon player, is required to shave for his concerts. For this reason, he said, that there is no point in trying to grow a beard.

“I’ve never really grown my facial hair out,.I always shave it,” he said. “When I’m older, I might go for a waxy mustache. Joking, joking.”

As winter quickly approaches, more and more guys may wish to grow out their facial hair. A warm and fuzzy beard is sure to keep one warm in these frigid temperatures.


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