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Lighting design brings Narnia to life

The lights crew at Leesville Road High School has magic in store for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Destiny Mahony, junior and lights trainee, explained the design for the play.

“In the witch’s scenes, the lighting is going to be very dim with lots of blue and gray,” said Mahony. “When Aslan comes in, it’s going to be brighter and warmer.”

She also dished about the stone table. “We’re going to have lights inside the stone table that make the symbols on it glow. Since we can’t run an extension cord to it, [the lights] will have to be battery-powered,” said Mahony.

Clara Freeze, senior and lighting designer, described the lighting as “magical” for this show.

Freeze explained the crew’s progress so far. “I’ve been designing light plots for the lights and made orders for our equipment. This Saturday hopefully we’ll hang all the lights, gel them and work on the side lights.” For those who aren’t lights savvy, gels are a thin film placed over the light to give it color.

The only trouble they’ve run into so far is with the snow machine. “We can’t decide how we’re going to make it,” said Mahony. “The one snow machine we found is too big to hang up. We might use white glitter, but that would be a last resort.”

Another interesting aspect is the lamppost in Narnia. “We figured out how to turn it on with a remote,” said Michael Goff, senior and lights crewhead.

It seems lights crew will have yet another award-winning performance this semester. To experience the magic, go see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at the Leesville Road High School auditorium, November 3 through November 5.


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