Halloween costumes for penny pinchers


When the weather cools and the leaves start to fall, one big holiday comes into picture: Halloween. For those who aren’t big spenders, however, this is a difficult time of the year.

Halloween costumes are a big business during October; the prices are up to $85 for a teenager costume and $130 for a child’s costume.

Consider how long you’re going to wear this get up– is paying a load of cash from your pocket worth the one night you’ll wear it? No. But, here are some inexpensive tips to buying Halloween costumes.

  • Ask around. Ask your friends and family if they have an old costume and you guys could swap. Some will be happy that you’re taking it off their hands.
  • Go to secondhand store; Goodwill and Salvation Army are good choices. The stores are well-stocked with a year’s worth of Halloween donations, and most stores have a designated rack of costumes.
  • Make a costume that you could reuse. If you use a black cape as a magician, the next year you can use it as a vampire, and the next as a Hogwarts student. Use items you can use over and over for different purposes.

If you must buy an expensive costume, think about the costume in the future.

  • Think long term. If you purchase  a general costume, a younger sibling, cousin or friend can use it after you.
  • Go traditional. Don’t buy a pop culture or trendy outfits that can’t be passed down. Ghosts, princesses, fairies and pirates will always be a popular Halloween costume.
  • Go for sale items. The cheaper, the better.
  • Plan ahead. On November 1, all costumes go on sale. Buy your costume for next year and prepare yourself.

This year, Halloween doesn’t have to be all about breaking your bank for a good costume.




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