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The 80’s classic, Footloose, was remade into a updated, entertaining movie. The movie brought in 15,500,000 opening weekend. Photo courtesy of

The recreation of the beloved 80’s musical, Footloose, was released on Friday, October 14. I had rather low expectations because remakes rarely live up to the standards of the originals. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was good.  The producers successfully re-created a classic with some modern touches that kept the integrity of the original that I loved.

In both movies, five teenagers get in a car crash after a party. Following that, the church and town leaders take drastic measures to “protect” their children,  by outlawing dancing. When the new kid, Ren MacCormack, comes to town, he fights these rules and, in the process, falls in love with the preacher’s daughter.

Often the movie industry will take the original film, mutilate it, and come back with a remake that leaves a lot to be desired for. Instead, the newly produced Footloose was entertaining with its shocking resemblance to the the first movie. The remake consisted of identical characters,  similar lines and the similiar scenes.

The new movie incorporates updated songs and dance moves, which definitely makes it more relatable to younger audiences. It does, however, still contain the classic song, “Footloose,” in the beginning and end of the movie, providing another tip of the hat to the classic film.

The upbeat music, fairly believable actors, and light-weight humor caught my attention throughout the movie. The romantic connection between Ren and the preacher’s daughter is cute but not overly cheesy.  Footloose is a classic, entertaining movie perfect when you are in the mood for a carefree, romantic musical.


By Anne Cushman, senior editor, 2012-13

Anne Cushman is a staff writer for The Mycenaean and resides in North Carolina. Her hobbies include petting horses, hang-gliding, and soccer. Some of her numerous aspirations are to climb Mount Everest, kayak the Colorado River, and write well. Also, she loves One Direction.

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