“She said” on cheating

Dear Boys,
I think there is some confusion as to the meaning of the word cheating. By definition to cheat is to be unfaithful” to one’s significant other. But what exactly is considered unfaithful? After being the “shoulder to cry on” for countless devastated friends, I’ve realized that the understanding of the word “unfaithful” may differ between sexes.

It seems only necessary to try to clarify to you clueless boys as to what warrants a breakup.

Take sending naked pictures for example. This is entirely inappropriate in general, much less for a person in a relationship. But for the purposes of this article, I will assume that most boys consider receiving profane pictures “fun.” Physical attraction should be entirely reserved for your significant other. I don’t know any self-respecting girl who let or would let their boy get away with exchanging nude pictures or dirty words. So, while it doesn’t involve any actual touching or talking, don’t expect to get away with provacative texting. It’s just gross, so don’t even think about it.

Water activities– they seem harmless, but one-on-one, they could be considered cheating. It’s fine to play in the water in a group, but being alone with a bikini-clad girl is just a little sketchy. Who knows what bikinis and water could lead to? I, for one, would not want my boyfriend play in the sprinklers or in a hot tub with a girl. It’s fine to have the occasional hang out with your best “girl friend” who is not your “girlfriend,”  but try not to do it in situations that could lead to a physical attraction.

Now I’ll attempt to cover a very gray area. Looking and thinking about other attractive girls is not a crime. However, looking at your girlfriend’s best friend and then telling your girlfriend that her best friend is cute is not OKAY.  Now I wouldn’t go as far to say that this could be considered cheating, but it is just annoying. Yeah, your girlfriend might have attractive friends, but she doesn’t want to know that her best friend has nice hair. She would rather hear the same about herself. But not to worry boys, this is an excusable mistake, just don’t let it happen all the time.

Seriously boys, heed my advice. Girls are crazier than you know. Actions that might not seem like cheating could be what pushes your girl over the edge. So good luck with the high school relationships–don’t mess up.




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