“He said” on cheating

Dear Girls,

Cheating is not okay. It is, without a doubt, the worst thing you can possibly do to your guy; it strips him of his pride and embarrasses him like nothing else can.

But you keep doing it anyways. More times than I can count, I have had to listen to that poor friend, who, humiliated and furious, recalls the story of how his girl, who he trusted, went behind his back with another guy.

The only possible reason I can think of is that you just don’t understand what we mean by cheating. Hopefully, I can clear up all that gray area.

Before I continue on, you must understand that cheating is not necessarily hooking up with a guy. Plenty of other, smaller actions count, even if you may not realize it.

One major violation is cuddling with somebody else. Cuddling is something special two people share in a relationship–it is your “thing” with your boyfriend. Snuggling up close to another guy is taking that personal, emotional connection you have and throwing it away like it’s nothing.

Emotional connections certainly don’t make a relationship go all by themselves though; it takes physical attraction for things to work as well.

Therefore, dancing with anyone other than your boyfriend also counts as cheating.

It does not matter if you are “just having a good time;” your boyfriend doesn’t want to hear your excuses. Look at it this way: You would hate it, too, if we went up to just any girl, grinding with them and holding them who-knows-where.

Another excuse girls love is to use is that they were “unaware” and couldn’t control themselves. Don’t care. It doesn’t matter if you get a little lovey at a party and end up kissing a close friend by accident: nothing warrants physically cheating.

Once again though, physically “getting with” another guy isn’t the only way to cheat. In many cases, that physical relationship only comes about as the result of an already-established emotional link. Sharing personal and intimate details of your life with anyone other than your boy is just as offensive and insulting as hooking up with someone else.

I do not mean to seem overly harsh or restricting, but by being in a relationship with us, we trust you to be faithful to us and shove other guys away. We’re not expecting you to be perfect; we’re all human and everyone flirts, that is just human nature. What we are asking is that you realize you are making a mistake before you head over to a guy’s place for a “study session.”

So please, the next time you notice that flirty guy making his move, tell him no thanks and make sure not to cheat.



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