Physics class getting physical

Photo courtesy of Alex Schuler
Photo courtesy of Alex Schuler

Charlie Stephenson, a physics teacher at Leesville, is taking a different approach to the conventional sit-in-desk teaching method.

“What I am getting them to do is to get up and move to learn,” said Stephenson.

Yes, physics class is getting physical.

Walking down the hallway by Stephenson’s physics classroom, one could hear excited chatter going on outside of the room. The students measured distances and timed their battery powered miniature race cars travelling each distance.

“The other day we learned about speed, and practiced with problems involving speed,” said Stephenson. “Now we are looking at speed physically and relating it back to the equation.”

The benefits to this type of hands-on teaching are numerous.

“Students have more fun, and while they are doing this they are learning. And even if they do not grasp the intended lesson, they learn other important things about physics such as how much slower the car goes using one battery versus two,” added Stephenson.

John Lopez, junior and a member of the physics class, is enthusiastic about this teaching technique.

“This way is more fun; it is something new. It is way better than normal work,” said Lopez.

If only more teachers would pick up on this hands-on method of learning, as the benefits are numerous.


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